Corina Lees

Name: Corina Lees

Project title: Controlling soil erosion in a changing climate: evaluating suitable plant species in grassed waterway design.

Where based: Cranfield University


I have previously studied for a BSc in Ecology and Wildlife Conservation at Bournemouth University and an MSc in Soil Science at the University of Aberdeen. My interest in Soil Science started in an environmental pollution lecture and has only grown through both my BSc thesis “The effect copper has on the soil microbial community” and my MSc thesis “The effect of alternate wetting and drying on rice growth and elemental phosphorous uptake”. Therefore,I have chosen to pursue a PhD based on soils.

Project description:

Grass water ways are used to facilitate the movement of water off agricultural land but this can often lead to increased soil erosion and the deposition of sediments, which maybe contaminated, into rivers. Thus, in my research I am going to select different grass and legume species monocultures and mixtures and analyse their root structures and how they affect soil erosion. The end goal of the PhD would be to optimise grass water ways in terms of reducing soil erosion and sediment run off. 

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