Beckie Draper

Project title: Dynamics of metal nanoparticles in soil environments

Where based: BGS Keyworth, Nottingham

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I went to the University of Newcastle upon Tyne where I studied BSc Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry. Then I had a job editing a scientific journal and another as a lab technician in a pupil referral unit. I then went to King’s College London to study MSc Analytical Science.

Project description:

My PhD project is investigating the ageing and fate of zinc oxide nanoparticles in soil over time. Zinc oxide nanoparticles are a common everyday ingredient, particularly sun creams, cosmetics and personal care products. They enter the soil via household waste water systems and landfill sites. I’m looking into how to detect, quantify and characterise them once they are in the environment and attempting to see how their speciation and toxicity alter over time.